THOR GUARD, the world leader in lightning prediction warning systems, is committed to utilize emerging technologies in the development of systems that provide automatic notification of hazardous weather conditions.

The THOR GUARD Lightning Prediction System has been manufactured in South Florida since 1976. Over the ensuing years, representing literally millions of hours of accurate and safe operations, THOR GUARD has consistently proven its reliability. THOR GUARD uses a highly sophisticated sensor and computer to measure and analyze the electrostatic field in the atmosphere. Lightning originates within this field, thus allowing THOR GUARD to make calculations predicting its occurrence, even though there may be no visible evidence of lightning. Lightning "detection" systems require the occurrence of an actual lightning strike before a warning is given. Many times this is just too late.

THOR GUARD is the only stand alone lightning warning device used at all National Championships conducted by the United States Golf Association, the Canadian and European Golf Tours and many local sections of the PGA of America. We are the choice of Marriott Golf, the PGA Tournament Players Clubs, ABC Television Sports, and the Atlanta Summer Olympics. The flexibility of our system not only accommodates private golf facilities needing plenty of advance warning (20 or more minutes), but also public facilities looking for only 8 to 18 minutes of warning to ensure revenue flow.

THOR GUARD is also highly regarded and utilized by many non-golf industries as well. Some of our significant customers include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, United, Fed Ex, UPS, Freeport McMoRan (FMI) Mining, BHP Billiton Mining, Shell Oil, ATF, US Marine Corps, US NAVY, US ARMY, Motorola, AT&T, and over 700 universities, schools and municipalities. From airports and ski areas to the NFL and zoos, THOR GUARD can be found providing on-site, real-time lightning prediction and warning to perfection!

THOR GUARD stands alone in the market as the most effective predictor of lightning within a defined area of risk. This is the result of the founders' decision in the late 1960's to focus research efforts on the study of the electrostatic field (the energy field of which thunderstorms are composed). The more conventional study of the electromagnetic field (the field that is affected as a result of a lightning discharge), has continued to be the focus of lightning detection systems.


THOR GUARD effectively reads the activity within the electrostatic field through a proprietary program developed after hundreds of hours of thunderstorm monitoring and will predict the probability of a lightning strike within a predetermined area of concern. This program can also project the potential for deadly "bolts out of the blue," which are strikes that seem to come from nowhere and cause a high percentage of lightning fatalities. These are the significant technical advantages that have allowed THOR GUARD to become the most accurate and meaningful advance warning system of lightning potential.

Patents on the basic technology employed in the system are based on developments produced originally from 1968 to 1985 by Electrofields, Inc., the forerunner in the field of lightning prediction. Electrosensors, Inc. (now THOR GUARD, INC.) purchased all trademarks and patents and an aggressive program of research and development was initiated. During the ensuing years THOR GUARD, INC. has continued to upgrade the system in both practical field applications, and the science of modern day computer technology.

THOR GUARD has provided accurate and dependable lightning prediction for a broad base of clients since 1974. This represents literally millions of hours of safe operations.